Shop furnishings

Design and construction of shops
Professionalism Made in Italy
Realization Details
Time: 1 month (about)
Step: Inspection, Environment Measurements, Rendering, Implementation, Assembly

Ample and illuminated spaces

Key Studio designs and builds fine furnishings for stores and retail outlets. Some of the most famous national and international brands they have entrusted us with the construction of their stores; special shapes and unique light effects to better expose their products. Our designers can develop the customer's idea or better coordinate with the appointed architects, to give shape to a dream and innovative forms of great interest.

Key Studio, in addition to thirty years of experience, makes use of excellent and talented artisans who shape and give life to unique works designed exclusively for customer satisfaction. Each project is professionally followed by a Tutor, from its inception to delivery and assembly.

The furniture is made to measure, every possible problem is analyzed and possibly modified, it is mounted to verify its correct production and to understand its functionality. All the furnishings are disassembled, packed and sent to the customer.

A team of skilled fitters will arrange the assembly and variations, if necessary, directly on site. The technical department of Key Studio also provides manuals for correct assembly.


Our technicians are experts in the furnishing sector; use the latest technologies for 2D and 3D project development for facilitate production and drastically reduce any possible error and complication during assembly.


The craftsmanship allows us to make unique pieces and treated in detail; classic materials and the latest generation to create furniture and design complements. An idea that realizes a pure Made in Italy style.


We export our work all over the world, offering a turnkey service and a 360-degree after-sales service. Our first interest is to satisfy our customers wherever they are and within the agreed times.